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Rich Gaudreau Band



The Rich Gaudreau Band has been a band in the making for over three decades. Members of the band include: founder and lead singer/songwriter, Rich Gaudreau; background and lead vocals, Sandy Hamlet; lead guitarist, Dave Stuart; Bass, Les Hamlet; Drums, Rich Moody and Rhythm Guitar, Jim Stanley.


RGB was not planned or even a thought until an unexpected turn of events put this group of friends back together in 2011. Rich Gaudreau found his way back to the church after many years apart. After talking with a fellow church member, Steve Case, it was brought up that Rich used to play and write his own music. Steve Case took that knowledge and booked Rich to open for a Christian concert being held at the church a few months later. Without a band or any music, Rich wasn’t sure what to do. He reunited with Les a few weeks later at a men’s group and without hesitation, Les agreed to play in the band. Rich Moody was the next member to join. Years had passed since the two had spoken and when Rich Gaudreau reached out to ask Rich Moody to play drums in his forming band, like Les, Rich agreed. Rich Gaudreau started writing music and the first song he wrote was “Changed”. During their first rehearsal as a trio, Les brought his wife Sandy and it was instantly obvious, with her beautiful tone and creative harmonies that she would be the 4th member. The unexpected reunited friendships continued to spread even farther than the 4 band members. After reuniting with Rich Gaudreau and Les, Rich Moody planned a reunion of old friendships that had faded over the years and during a spur of the moment jam session, Rich Gaudreau heard Dave Stuart play guitar. In that moment he knew Dave had to play guitar in his forming band. As fate would have it, Dave agreed. Rich Gaudreau and his band of friends, as they were known back then, played their first set and the band was formed and hooked. Jim had been friends with Rich Gaudreau since they both were teenagers and after realizing that the band could use a rhythm guitarist, Jim joined in 2013.


Since playing together for the past 5 years, RGB has opened for countless Christian bands and headlined their own shows at local churches and coffeehouses. Rich Gaudreau continues to write all his own music and credits his powerful lyrics and melodies to Christ. “When a song hits you, it flows through you and you can’t write the lyrics down fast enough, it’s a gift.” His songs usually have a purpose to them and include topics easily relatable that speak about everyday life and offer hope to the listener that there’s more than just this life and that in Christ you’ll never be alone.


Changed encompasses the band’s Christ-centered lyrics and melodic tones with strong messages. It is mainly categorized as contemporary Christian music, contemporary Christian rock yet crosses multiple genres. The songs are easy to listen to with the lyrics in the forefront. Rich Gaudreau says “there’s no question as to what the songs are about. We don’t sugar coat the message. Sometime you have to hear the hard truth in order to grow and move forward.” All the songs on Changed are very personal and messages from Christ that Rich Gaudreau has needed to hear himself. The messages are for him first and then he gets the privilege to share them with the world.


You take six individuals who all share a passion for Christ, all talented artists on their own with a strong bond of friendship and you have a creativity that comes around once in a lifetime!

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